V. Nikki Jones

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Meet V. Nikki Jones (aka Kionne Nicole), author of The Space our Love Demands and Lyric & Blake.

Nikki began writing short stories and poems at the age of seven. Kionne Nicole is actually a pen name that the author created as a child. “Retaining the name is a way for me to honor my childhood,” she explains, “and a way for me to carry on something that has always been inside me.”

To help deal with the stresses of unemployment, Nikki wrote her first novel, “The Space Our Love Demands,” in 2009. The story mirrors aspects of her personal relationships and explores the thoughts and emotions of young, African American lesbian-identified college students. “I think it’s important for us to tell our own stories the way we want to,” she says.

Nikki is a native of  Tennessee. She received a bachelor and master degrees from The University of Tennessee before pursuing a masters in Social Work – Couple & Family Therapy at The University of Louisville. She’s currently a doctoral student at UT and a licensed therapist.