The Space Our Love Demands

by V. Nikki Jones (a.k.a. Kionne Nicole)



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Pages: 238
Price: $10
Excerpt: Open chapters
ISBN: 978-0983094821



After exiting a long-term relationship, Hadiyah Matthews starts life anew in a different city and graduate school. As Hadiyah self-repairs from a heartbreaking split with Charity, she makes platonic connections with several women. Two, in particular, thrust Hadiyah into a world of emotional confusion.

First there’s Fatma, the cohort that Hadiyah strongly desires but cannot authentically have. And then comes Adrienne, the perfect rebound who she is insufficiently prepared for. To gain perspective on the new interests in her life, Hadiyah turns to Lois (a no-nonsense mentor and friend) and Tee (a promising mathematician and young stud trying to escape the scene). Along with her best friend Synclare, they give Hadiyah the camaraderie, support, and tough love she needs to gain direction and materialize her positions with Fatma and Adrienne.

Caught in a tug of hearts between Fatma and Adrienne, Hadiyah works backward to prevent from shattering her foundation and future love.