The Dawn of Nia




“A bildungsroman rife with emotion and intrigue. Recommended for fans of f/f drama and steamy romance.” ~Library Journal

“…Like expensive perfume, the novel will leave you in a sweet  revelry and will linger in your senses for a long time to come.” ~Claudia Moss, Author


Kindle / $6.99

Pages: 298
Price: $14
Excerpt: Read Chapter 1
ISBN: 978-0-9973211-0-4



Nia Ellis is grief stricken when Pat, her mentor, passes away. At the funeral, Nia is blindsided by Pat’s deep-seated secret, which sparks feelings of betrayal. Weeks after the funeral, Nia is still figuring out how to handle her wavering emotions and the unexplained secret– until the opportunity for answers forces her to step outside of her comfort zone. Nia believes she is in control of her guarded emotions when sidetracked by curiosity and thrust into a battle zone with Pat’s sisters.

Romance was the least of Nia’s concerns until a fling matures and challenges her lingering insecurities. Nia learns there is a thin line between love and hate when former relationships and loyalties are lost in her circle of friends. In the end, she realizes that Pat’s secret was a blessing in disguise.