Lyric & Blake

by V. Nikki Jones


“I have worked for nearly ten years as a social worker… The book is relatable and inspiring… Learning to be comfortable in one’s skin can be a difficult task. Readers can take notes from Lyric and Blake, who show them how to do it with ease.” ~Shemika Hobson, MSSW

Lyric & Blake should be added to any young girl’s library of adolescent novels. For some girls, Lyric will be a light cast onto shadows—answering questions they’d never ask aloud about “those” girls. Girlhood is an adrenaline rush that Lyric and Blake ride well…” ~Asha French, writer



Kindle / $6.99

Pages: 156
Price: $10
Excerpt: Read Chapter 1
ISBN: 978-0-9830948-8-3
Audiences: LGBT Middle Grade; African American Interest



Astin Lyric Boyd leaves her uptight prep academy to start seventh grade at Alcorn Junior High. She quickly learns that public school means screaming teachers, popularity polls, and fashion wars. Lyric is nervous about being the lone new kid until she befriends a nerdy hipster that goes by her last name, Blake.

The inseparable duo want to mix up the social atmosphere at Alcorn, but their efforts spark a bitter rivalry with the Jacks and Jennies. The school year takes a new twist when Lyric and Blake are struck with puppy love and secret admirer messages. Growing up isn’t easy for two savvy girls who wear boy’s clothes and date girls. But their mothers and Alcorn ally, Coach Jackson, genuinely support them. Rumors, break-ups, or the principal’s office won’t stop these friends from conquering seventh grade.