Blog Tour


Welcome! The newly launched Lez Talk Books Radio is hosting a blog tour…

A blog tour is a collective promotional effort. Tour participants utilize their blogs and social media platforms as “tour stops.” A blog tour helps an author engage and expand her audience without traveling.

The following authors have joined our blog tour by agreeing to guest post via their blog/website/social media. That’s one featured guest the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10/2014 to 5/2015.

7 authors are currently participating (see Current Schedule below).

All authors are asked to complete a brief Q&A (see Author Q&A below), which will be featured in the tour. Guest posts as reviews are also an option.


It’s easy as 1—2—3…

  • 1. Confirm your tour stop. Let us know the “location” of your blogs and social media.
  • 2. Maintain the tour schedule. We’ll send you the monthly guest posts and frequent reminders. Just check your email.
  • 3. Smile. Collaboration and good intentions are rare these days.





Tour stop date – Author name – Files

10/15/14 – S. Andrea Allen – PDF File

11/19/14 – La Toya Hankins – PDF File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2

12/10/14 – Claudia Moss – PDF File // Word File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2

1/14/15 – Lauren Cherelle – PDF File // Word File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2

3/11/15 – Fiona Zedde – PDF File // Word File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2

4/8/15 – Renée Cronin – PDF File // Word File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2

5/20/15 – Sheree L. Greer – PDF File // Word File // jpg-Page1 & jpg-Page2



Questions 1 and 2 are required. Please choose 3 additional questions to answer from Section B.

  • 1. Tell us about [title]. Please limit to 125 words.
  • 2. When you’re not writing, what do you do for fun?

Section B (Choose 3):

  • a. How did [title] come to life? Who or what influenced you?
  • b. What cultural value do you see in writing [title]?
  • c. Are there underrepresented groups or ideas featured in [title]?
  • d. What message(s) should readers grasp?
  • e. What aspects of [title] are based on your real life experiences?
  • f. List three adjectives that describe [title].
  • g. What part of the writing process do you most enjoy?
  • h. What kinds of books do you like to read?
  • i. What’s next? Tell us about your work in progress.

Note: Please submit responses as Word .doc(x) or .pdf. Author photo and cover images should be submitted as high-resolution .jpg files. You’re welcome to submit links to your chapter excerpts, book trailers, etc. along with your Q&A.