Accept the Unexpected




Accept the Unexpected is full of drama and will have you racing to the finish line to see if Keleya will indeed accept love and be able to forgive those who have wronged her. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and cannot wait to see what else Ms. Cherelle has in store for her readers. I recommend Accept the Unexpected to readers of all genres.” ~ APOOO Book Club / Cheryl Hayes

“I wish more black lesbian relationships operated with the reality found between the covers of Accept the Unexpected.” ~ Sistahs on the Shelf



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Pages: 216
Price: $10
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ISBN: 978-0983094807



Keleya Smith is a confident Southern woman who finds herself at an inadvertent crossroad at age twenty-six, waiting for life to unveil meaning and purpose. She thought she had the ultimate catch with Kris, but their four-year relationship is destroyed with one night of deceit. The breakup forces Keleya to come to a discomforting realization: she is unfulfilled, often seeking refuge in her hobby, family, and friends.

Despite the emotional damage, Keleya remains loyal to love. So when fate drops someone new at her doorstep, she transfers the yearning for intimacy, respect, and friendship to Jordan—an attractive twenty-nine-year-old native of Philadelphia. This newfound relationship with Jordan catches Keleya by surprise and tests her looming desire for her old confidant Kris. But when feelings for Jordan transform into more than casual dating, her faith in authentic relationships is challenged by an unforeseen circumstance. In the struggle to manage trust and vulnerability, Keleya finds herself caught in a whirlwind of old loves and new possibilities.