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March Into Literacy

The month of March is dedicated (among other things) to promoting reading and literacy among children. This nationwide advocacy for literary awareness is sponsored by the Toys for Tots Literary Program…

Self-Proclaimed: Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown, a 28-year old artist who resides in Radcliff, KY. According to Alexis, “an artist is an individual that can inspire others to think outside the norm by using his/her particular craft.” It would…

Self-Proclaimed: Rena {SOTS}

If you’ve ever conducted an online search for lesbian literature, chances are you landed upon Sistahs on Shelf—a promotional blog and review site for Black lesbian fiction. Created in 2005 by Rena (i.e. Ree-nay), a thirty-something Black lesbian femme from Tallahassee…

Choosing Our Legacy

Black lesbian women lack resources (e.g. health insurance, employment, marriage), live in higher rates of poverty, and have less established support networks. Lesbian women can also face anxiety about coming out to doctors and subsequent treatment. And according to statistics…


February 2014

La Toya Hankins @ NCCU


Listen to convo #1 w/ Author La Toya Hankins